Development of the Test Facilities for the Measurement of Core Flow and Pressure Distribution of SMART Reactor
NURETH-14 - 2011 September 25-30

Presented at:
2011 September 25-30
Toronto, Canada
Session Title:
G3-1 Advanced PWRs, Advanced BWRs, Advanced CANDU Reactors

Yungju Ko (Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute)
Dongjin Euh (Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute)
Youngjung Youn (Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute)
In-Cheol Chu (Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute)
Taesoon Kwon (Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute)


A design of SMART reactor has been developed, of which the primary system is composed of four internal circulation pumps, a core of 57 fuel assemblies, eight cassettes of steam generators, flow mixing head assemblies, and other internal structures. Since primary design features are very different from conventional reactors, the characteristics of flow and pressure distribution are expected to be different accordingly. In order to analyze the thermal margin and hydraulic design characteristics of SMART reactor, design quantification tests for flow and pressure distribution with a preservation of flow geometry are necessary. In the present study, the design feature of the test facility in order to investigate flow and pressure distribution, named “SCOP” is described. In order to preserve the flow distribution characteristics, the SCOP is linearly reduced with a scaling ratio of 1/5. The core flow rate of each fuel assembly is measured by a venturi meter attached in the lower part of the core simulator having a similarity of pressure drop for nominally scaled flow conditions. All the 57 core simulators and 8 S/G simulators are precisely calibrated in advance of assembling in test facilities. The major parameters in tests are pressures, differential pressures, and core flow distribution.

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