Spray Model Validation on Single Droplet Heat and Mass Transfer for Containment Applications - SARNET-2 Benchmark
NURETH-14 - 2011 September 25-30

Presented at:
2011 September 25-30
Toronto, Canada
Session Title:
B11-1 Experiments and Data Bases for Assessment and Verification of 3D Model

Jeanne Malet (IRSN)
Thomas Gelain (IRSN)
Stéphane Mimouni (EDF R&D)
Giovanni Manzini (RSE)
Siegfried Arndt (GRS)
Walter Klein-Hessling (GRS)
Zhanjie Xu (Karlsruhe Institute for Technology)
Mantas Povilaitis (LEI)
Lubica Kubisova (UJD)
Zbynek Parduba (UJV)
Sandro Paci (UNIPI)
Arne Siccama (NRG)
Marek Stempniewicz (NRG)


This work is performed in the frame of the SARNET-2 network, within the Sub-Work Package WP7-2, Task 1 (spray activities). Three different elementary test series have been proposed for benchmarking and the first serie, concerning heat and mass transfer on a single droplet, is presented here. Code-experiment and code-to-code comparisons are presented. It is shown that the mass transfer terms are responsible for most of the differences and, depending on the kind of test, that the errors can either compensate together or be enhanced. Since the errors are propagating over the droplet height fall, they could be not negligible for real containment cases.

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