35th Annual CNS Conference - 2015 May 31 - June 3

Presented at:
35th Annual CNS Conference
2015 May 31 - June 3
Saint John, Canada
Session Title:
1B3 - Safety and Licensing (I)

N. G. Craik (retired from Canatom)


In 1974, Argentine engineers observed that the design had not yet started on the passage from the Service Building (SB), through the Reactor Building (RB) Containment wall and into Irradiated Fuel Transfer Room (IFTR). The design pressure caused by Loss of Coolant Accident (LOCA) was greater than the head of water in the IFTR, so that the water in the IFTR would be blown out through the Fuel Transfer Canal (FTC) into the Service Building. The openings in the RB and IFTR would move differentially during a seismic event because these structures only shared the same base slab. The designers responded that it was intended to have a Containment Passage (CP) from the SB, though the RB and into the IFTR, and to incorporate flexible metallic bellows units at both ends of the proposed containment passage; at the IFTR and the RB Containment wall.

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