35th Annual CNS Conference - 2015 May 31 - June 3

Presented at:
35th Annual CNS Conference
2015 May 31 - June 3
Saint John, Canada
Session Title:
2B1 - WMD - Deep Geological Repository Packaging

I. Menzies (ATS Automation)
B. Thayer (ATS Automation)
A. Murchison (Nuclear Waste Management Organization)
N. Bains (ATS Automation)


Large forgings have been selected to containerize Light Water Reactor used nuclear fuel. CANDU fuel, which is significantly smaller in size, allows novel approaches for containerization. For example, by utilizing commercially available extruded ASME pipe a conceptual design of a Used Fuel Packing Plant for containerization of used CANDU fuel in a long lived metallic container has been developed. The design adopts a modular approach with multiple independent work cells to transfer and containerize the used fuel. Based on current technologies and concepts from proven industrial systems, the Used Fuel Packing Plant can assemble twelve used fuel containers per day considering conservative levels of process availability.

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