The Development of Model Generators for Specific Reactors
CNS 24th Nuclear Simulation Symposium - 2012 October 15-16

Presented at:
CNS 24th Nuclear Simulation Symposium
2012 October 15-16
Session Title:
Technical 1: Code Development

Jimmy C. Chow (Atomic Energy of Canada Limited)


Authoring reactor models is a routine task for practitioners in nuclear engineering for reactor design, safety  analysis, and code validation.  The conventional approach is to use a text-editor to either manually manipulate an existing model or to assemble a new model by copying and pasting or direct typing. This approach is error-prone and substantial effort is required for verification. Alternatively, models can be generated programmatically for a specific system via a centralized data source and with rigid algorithms to generate models consistently and efficiently. This approach is demonstrated here for model generators for MCNP and KENO for the ZED-2 reactor.

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