35th Annual CNS Conference - 2015 May 31 - June 3

Presented at:
35th Annual CNS Conference
2015 May 31 - June 3
Saint John, Canada
Session Title:
3A3 - Safety and Licensing (III)

D. Mullin (NB Power, Point Lepreau Generating Station)
M. Moland (NB Power, Point Lepreau Generating Station)
J. Sciaudone (Applied Research Associates Inc)
L. Twisdale (Applied Research Associates Inc)
P. Vickery (Applied Research Associates Inc.)
D. Mizzen (Applied Research Associates Inc.)


In response to the CNSC Fukushima Action Plan, NB Power has embarked on a wind hazard assessment for the Point Lepreau Generating Station site that incorporates the latest up to date wind information and modeling. The objective was to provide characterization of the wind hazard from all potential sources and estimate wind-driven missile fragilities and wind pressure fragilities for various structures, systems and components that would provide input to a possible high wind Probabilistic Safety Assessment. The paper will discuss the overall methodology used to assess hazards related to tornadoes, hurricanes and straight-line winds, and site walk-down and hazard/fragility results.

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