Development of a CANDU Full Scope Simulator for the Embalse Nuclear Power Station
CNS 24th Nuclear Simulation Symposium - 2012 October 15-16

Presented at:
CNS 24th Nuclear Simulation Symposium
2012 October 15-16
Session Title:
Technical 3: Simulator Development

Raymond Dimitri-Hakim ( L-3 Communications MAPPS Inc.)
Michael Chatlani ( L-3 Communications MAPPS Inc.)


L-3 MAPPS has developed CANDU 6 full scope operator training simulators for nearly four (4) decades (since 1973). The last full scope CANDU simulator that was developed was for Qinshan Phase II plant in Zhejiang, China and the simulator was put into service in the first quarter of 2003. Up to this point, L-3 MAPPS simulators for CANDU plants had largely capitalized on legacy technologies developed in the 1970’s and 1980’s. In the meantime, significant technology advances were made on simulator programs for Light Water Reactors and gas-cooled reactors and through upgrades to select CANDU plant simulators. In the third quarter of 2010, L-3 MAPPS was awarded the contract for a full scope simulator for the Embalse nuclear power station in Córdoba Province, Argentina. Through the development of this project, L-3 MAPPS has devised a full scope operator training simulator base on state-of-the-art technologies (both hardware and software) and simulation techniques.

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