3D Visualization and Simulation to Enhance Nuclear Learning
CNS 24th Nuclear Simulation Symposium - 2012 October 15-16

Presented at:
CNS 24th Nuclear Simulation Symposium
2012 October 15-16
Session Title:
Technical 3: Simulator Development

Raymond Dimitri-Hakim ( L-3 Communications MAPPS Inc.)


The nuclear power industry is facing a very real challenge that affects its day-to-day activities: a rapidly aging workforce. For New Nuclear Build (NNB) countries, the challenge is even greater, having to develop a completely new workforce with little to no prior experience or exposure to nuclear power. The workforce replacement introduces workers of a new generation with different backgrounds and affinities than its predecessors. Major lifestyle differences between the new and the old generation of workers result, amongst other things, in different learning habits and needs for this new breed of learners. Interactivity, high visual content and quick access to information are now necessary to achieve high level of retention [4], [5].

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