Design and Safety Assessment of Slightly Enriched Fuel Elements for CANDU Reactors
37th Annual CNS-CNA Student Conference - 2013 June 11

Presented at:
37th Annual CNS-CNA Student Conference
2013 June 11
Toronto, Canada
Session Title:
Student Conference Session

Danielle Whittier (Queen's University)
Paul K Chan (Royal Military College of Canada)
Jordan Morelli (Queen's University)


Fuel with very slight enrichment allows for an increase in the number of full power days for a 37-element fuel bundle. Consequently sheath strain, FGR, and fuel temperature are affected. The goal is to confirm that safety margins could be maintained, with some minor fuel design enhancements. The effect of selected design parameters on safety margins has been assessed. A systematic design study confirms that sheath stain and FGR could be maintained, when compared with the current predicted values. It was found that current manufacturing parameters are fully capable to maintain safety margins for a desired enrichment of 0.75% Uranium-235. Three enhanced fuel designs have also been presented which reduce the effects of enrichment.

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