39th Annual CNS-CNA Student Conference - 2015 June 01

Presented at:
39th Annual CNS-CNA Student Conference
2015 June 01
Toronto, Canada
Session Title:
Student Session

A. Tan (McMaster University)
A. Buijs (McMaster UniversityMcMaster University)


The goal of this project is to study the transient behaviour of the SLOWPOKE-2 reactor using Monte-Carlo simulations. By validating the Monte-Carlo methods in G4-STORK with experimental measurements we hope to extend our understanding of reactor transients as well as further develop our methods to model the transients of the next generation reactor designs. A SLOWPOKE-2 reactor such as the one at RMC is modelled using simulation tools from GEANT4 and data taken from open literature. Simulations in G4-STORK find a neutron flux of order 1012 n cm-2 s-1 and a control rod worth of (4.9 ± 2.0) mk compared to the experimentally measured worth of 5.45 mk.

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