39th Annual CNS-CNA Student Conference - 2015 June 01

Presented at:
39th Annual CNS-CNA Student Conference
2015 June 01
Toronto, Canada
Session Title:
Student Session

K. Sidawi (UOIT)


There has been many correlations developed for Supercritical Water (SCW) flowing in bare-tubes. These correlations, generally, have limits based on the experimental trials. However, this does not indicate the true range to which these correlations can be applied. Furthermore, increases in heat flux and decreases in mass flux have been known to lead to Deteriorated Heat-Transfer (DHT). One way to classify fluids in the supercritical region is to use the Eckert Number to differentiate between two different sub-states1 ; when T < Tpc, SCW is considered to be liquid-like, whereas at T > Tpc, SCW is considered to be gas-like. There is a significant decrease in RMS error for calculated HTC in trials where there is a single sub-state across the cross-section. Trials where there is a combination of sub-states have drastically higher RMS error for HTC. Furthermore, some trials indicate a decrease in HTC at the interphase between the two sub-states

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