36th Annual CNS Conference - 2016 June 19-22

Presented at:
36th Annual CNS Conference
2016 June 19-22
Toronto, Canada
Session Title:
Plenary 1A: Panel Discussion by Countries Developing Nuclear Power

D. Wisnubroto (BATAN, Indonesia)


For more than three decades the nuclear energy program has been conducted in Indonesia, but to date there has been no government decision related to the construction of a nuclear power plant (NPP). By laws and regulations, nuclear energy is a part of the future energy mix options, although the government regulation on National Energy Policy (KEN) stated that the NPP is the last option. Various preparations have been done for the last decade, such as site selection, feasibility studies, and development of infrastructure (including the establishment of a nuclear regulatory agency). On the other side, public acceptance program has been also intensified for the last 5 years, and the results are measured by public surveys. This paper shows various aspects of preparations for the nuclear energy program, including an analysis of obstacles and challenges. One of the main weak points at the root of which there has not been a successful nuclear power program in Indonesia may be the lack of stakeholder involvement, both inside and outside the government, and as if it is a program of BATAN only, and appear not as a national program. On the other hand, BATAN, as a promoter of nuclear technology in Indonesia, should be positioned not as an organization in the front end of the nuclear power programs, but rather act as technical supporting organization (TSO), and provide recommendations to guarantee public safety.

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