36th Annual CNS Conference - 2016 June 19-22

Presented at:
36th Annual CNS Conference
2016 June 19-22
Toronto, Canada
Session Title:
Session T2B: Plant Life Extension 1

P. Dinner (Independent Consultant)
E. Abdalla (Candesco Division of Kinectrics Inc.)
J. Clemo (Ontario Power Generation)
M. Grey (Candesco Division of Kinectrics Inc.)
K. Heimlich (Independent Consultant)
C.A. Negin (Candesco Division of Kinectrics Inc.)


OPG’s Pickering Nuclear Power Plant is due to cease commercial operations in 2024 OPG has decided on a deferred decommissioning approach and will implement a building endstate strategy to maintain the plant in storage with surveillance (SwS) for approximately 30 years. Candesco division of Kinectrics Inc. carried out a technical assessment of various hypothetical Endstate conditions to identify opportunities and challenges in reducing the operational footprint of the station while maintaining the facility out-of-servicebuildings and structures in a safe, stable condition until dismantling and demolition activities would be undertaken.

Important aspects of this assessment include:
• Using relevant codes and standards and reviewing OPEX to validate the building endstate strategy (Referred to henceforth as the “Strategy”).
• Identifying the minimum inspection, monitoring and maintenance requirements for buildings during SwS.
• Understanding the lifecycle cost of the Strategy and identifying reasonably foreseeable complications that might arise during the SwS or subsequent phases.
• Minimizing any new hazards resulting from out-of-service buildings

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