Simulation of Adjuster Withdrawal in Darlington Unit 4
32nd Annual CNS Conference - 2011 June 05-08

Presented at:
32nd Annual CNS Conference
2011 June 05-08
Niagara Falls, Canada
Session Title:
Reactor and Radiation Physics 1

Jakub Szymandera (AMEC NSS)
Omar Shaikh (AMEC NSS)
Derek Hennig (AMEC NSS)
Steve Goodchild (OPG)
Constantin Banica (Ontario Power Generation)


Physics simulations in safety analyses are generally performed using a bundle irradiation distribution that is consistent with an approximate time-average configuration.  In this paper, three assessments of a spurious adjuster withdrawal event at Darlington are performed with RFSP.  The simulations are performed using a time-average irradiation distribution and the SORO predicted irradiation distribution just prior to the actual event.  In all three of the assessments it is shown that the results are quite insensitive to the assumed irradiation distribution.  This supports the approach of assuming a time-average irradiation distribution in safety analyses.

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