13th International Conference on CANDU Fuel - 2016 Aug. 15-18

Presented at:
13th International Conference on CANDU Fuel
2016 Aug. 15-18
Kingston, ON Canada
Session Title:
Session 7: Modelling & Computer Code Development - Fuel Performance

Z. Xu (Candu Energy)
S.G. Xu (Candu Energy)
H.H. Fan (Candu Energy)
M. Shams (Candu Energy Inc)


Abstract – CANDU® fuel bundle deformations are the results of fuel bundle string structure responses to various load changes and pressure-tube (PT) support conditions under Normal Operating Conditions (NOC), and Anticipated Operating Conditions (AOO), or during postulated Design Basis Accidents (DBA). Fuel bundle deformation include those of fuel elements (such as bowing, sagging, drooping, and inter-element contacts), of endplates (such as dishing, doming, and tilting resulting from neighbouring endplates contacts; and in-plane deformation), and of bundle geometry (such as bundle droop, parallelogramming, settling, and slumping). In addition, there are also localized fuel-element deformations (such as bamboo shape due to fuel-pellet hour-glassing, and sheath ballooning if sheath temperatures are extremely high). Bundle deformation during NOC needs to be considered to provide initial conditions for assessment of fuel bundle deformation during AOO and DBA. One of the reasons to analyze the fuel bundle deformation during AOOs and DBAs is to find bundle sub-channel geometry changes. Such geometry changes are dominated by contact points within a bundle, between neighbouring bundles, and between a bundle and PT. This paper describes an overview of Candu Energy’s experience in developing a proprietary computer program to model fuel bundle deformation under high temperature transient conditions.

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