13th International Conference on CANDU Fuel - 2016 Aug. 15-18

Presented at:
13th International Conference on CANDU Fuel
2016 Aug. 15-18
Kingston, ON Canada
Session Title:
Session 10: Fuel Fabrication and Core Design

M. Hussein (Royal Military College of Canada)
H. Bonin (Royal Military College of Canada)
B.J. Lewis (Royal Military College of Canada)


The actinides present in dismantled nuclear warheads represent a political and security concern. Considering the efficient transmutation of actinides in fast neutron reactors, a novel multi-spectrum reactor has been designed to burn the actinides based on a CANDU6 reactor design with two concentric regions. The inner or the fast neutron spectrum core is fuelled with plutonium oxide mixed with depleted uranium oxide. The plutonium-to-uranium ratio is 14.13%. The MSCR is dedicated to the burning of actinides. Helium is used as a coolant and filling material for the fast core. The outer thermal spectrum core is fuelled with natural uranium with heavy water as both moderator and coolant. In both cores, 37-element CANDU fuel bundles are employed. The lattice pitch for the inner fast neutron core is chosen to maximize the number of fuel channels. The simulations of the multi-spectrum reactor and the burnup calculations were carried out using the Serpent code. The multi-spectrum CANDU reactor produces a uniform power distribution in both the fast and the thermal cores and the form factors of the both core were similar to the safety traditional CANDU value (~1.2 to~1.3). The discharge burnup and the actinide burnup have been significantly improved in comparison to a traditional CANDU 6 reactor at the same power level.

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