4th International Technical Meeting on Small Reactors - 2016 Nov. 02-04

Presented at:
4th International Technical Meeting on Small Reactors
2016 Nov. 02-04
Ottawa, ON Canada
Session Title:
Session: Plenary 1

W. Lam (Ministry of Energy, Government of Ontario)


Ontario is moving forward with nuclear refurbishment projects at Bruce and Darlington to maintain nuclear power as the backbone of its electricity supply. Refurbishments at Bruce and Darlington will secure affordable, reliable and emission-free power for the future, and also create jobs and support Ontario’s globally recognized CANDU nuclear supply chain.

Ontario’s 2013 Long-Term Energy Plan (LTEP) acknowledged that nuclear is part of Canada’s science and innovation advantage and retaining nuclear expertise is crucial. Recognizing that advanced nuclear technologies such as SMRs could be a potential “next step” for nuclear innovation in Ontario and other jurisdictions, Ontario retained Hatch Ltd. to assess the benefits and risks of deploying SMRs in remote applications such as mining (e.g., Ring of Fire).

The study evaluated a wide range of SMRs for technological compatibility, technological / regulatory readiness, vendor readiness and cost of energy. The study also considered other benefits of SMR deployment such as GHG reductions and economic impacts (e.g. nuclear supply chain benefits). In preparing its report, Hatch surveyed SMR vendors regarding the potential barriers for deployment in Canada.

The Ministry is reviewing the study to consider possible future steps and will continue to liaise with stakeholders to gather more information and perspectives from the industry on the study’s results and recommendations. This includes exploring policy papers on SMR deployment from organizations within Canada and abroad.

The discussion will conclude with a summary of the government’s public consultations for its next update to the LTEP, which include a wider discussion on the role of nuclear energy and innovation in Ontario in the future.

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