4th International Technical Meeting on Small Reactors - 2016 Nov. 02-04

Presented at:
4th International Technical Meeting on Small Reactors
2016 Nov. 02-04
Ottawa, ON Canada
Session Title:
Parallel Session A:1 - SMRs for North/Arctic Locations

N. Gnanapragasam (Canadian Nuclear Laboratories)
M. Gaudet (Canadian Nuclear Laboratories)
L. Gardner (Canadian Nuclear Laboratories)
H. Boniface (Canadian Nuclear Laboratories)
M. Yetisir (Canadian Nuclear Laboratories)


Many Small Modular Reactor (SMR) concepts have been proposed for off-grid remote locations. There are two practical issues with SMRs as power generators in remote locations: 1. In case of a reactor shutdown, a backup power system is needed 2. Meeting the daily variation of power needs These challenges can be managed with the use of hydrogen as an energy storage medium and an energy carrier. A simple strategy is to operate the reactor at full power at all times to meet the electricity demand and store any excess power through hydrogen generation. Hydrogen can be converted back to electricity to be used as a backup power for the SMR, a power source for the local community in case of a reactor shutdown, transported for district heating, and used as fuel in vehicles. Local production and transportability of hydrogen opens up the possibility of a SMR power hub where a central hub can serve a number of communities, effectively reducing the capital equipment cost shared by individual communities. The SMR-Electricity-Hydrogen-Liquid Fuel pathway can meet the energy needs of most of the remote communities in Canada. The current work compares SMR with other non-carbon energy technologies for the three remote community energy needs - electricity, heat and fuel.

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