Paper B - The Outage Cycle Continuum
32nd Annual CNS Conference - 2011 June 05-08

Presented at:
32nd Annual CNS Conference
2011 June 05-08
Niagara Falls, Canada
Session Title:
Special Session: CANDU Maintenance Conference: Industry Performance – Getting a Grip

Jacques Plourde (J.A. Plourde Performance Ltd.)


Operating-cycle or outage-cycle focus - in well-run plants, the two exist as a continuum, and the plant’s operating success and reliability depend on that. Both concern selecting the right work for execution at the right time, and maximizing completion. Both involve intensely-integrated utility/ service-provider task planning and execution, plus rigorous management oversight throughout.  Opportunities abound: service providers can perform work ‘in-operation’ as well as during outages; also longer operating intervals with shorter planned outages are a possibility. Two examples are presented to illustrate this continuum: a new outage scope selection approach, and industry experience with maintenance backlogs.

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