37th Annual CNS Conference - 2017 June 04-07

Presented at:
37th Annual CNS Conference
2017 June 04-07
Niagara Falls
Session Title:
2B4 - Advanced Reactors (II)

F. Rahnema (Georgia Institute of Technology)
B. Petrovic (Georgia Institute of Technology)
P. Singh (Georgia Institute of Technology)
X. Sun (University of Michigan)
P. Tsvetkov (TAMU)
G. Yoder (ORNL)
D. Zhang (Georgia Institute of Technology)
J. Zhang (Virgina Tech)


Fluoride (-salt-cooled) High-temperature Reactors (FHRs) are generally considered inherently safer, more proliferation-resistant and less long-lived waste than conventional light water reactors. However, several challenges remain before this class of reactors can be deployed, mostly related to its technology readiness. Through a U.S. Department of Energy funded project, a team of researchers, from universities, national laboratory, and industry as well as international partners have been collaborating to address several of the key related technology gaps, namely, tritium management; liquid salt coolant impurity removal and redox and corrosion control; advanced instrumentation; qualification of structural alloys; novel heat exchangers; and, verification and validation (V&V) of neutronics and thermal hydraulics tools in support of licensing. It is expected that the outcomes will reduce technical uncertainties and facilitate commercialization, with a broader impact of supporting development of other advanced reactors. This paper summarizes the results of the selected activities achieved so far.

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