41th Annual CNS-CNA Student Conference - 2017 June 05

Presented at:
41th Annual CNS-CNA Student Conference
2017 June 05
Niagara Falls, ON Canada
Session Title:
Student Posters, Wine-&-Cheese Reception

A. Bellingham (UOIT)
R. Nandakumar (UOIT)
R. Sharpe (UOIT)
S. Valookaran (student)
T. Ravindran (UOIT)
S. Perera (UOIT)
E. Waller (UOIT)


An environmental sampling program periodically collects and analyzes samples that are obtained in order to communicate potential risks to nuclear power plants, regulatory authorities, and the public. Conventionally, these programs involve the manual retrieval of samples during routine intervals on site. Current monitoring programs exposes individuals to unknown doses and the frequency of samples retrieved is restricted due to the availability of qualified personnel. Also, there is a growing concern for the increased likelihood of human performance errors. The objective of the project is to design an environmental radiation sampling robot that will eliminate the vulnerable features in current environmental sampling techniques. A code is developed to control the robot remotely, in the event of a radioactive release at a nuclear power plant. The Environmental Radiation (ENRAD) Sampling Robot will feature the ability to monitor environmental conditions, collect air and soil samples, and initiate preliminary ambient readings.

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