41th Annual CNS-CNA Student Conference - 2017 June 05

Presented at:
41th Annual CNS-CNA Student Conference
2017 June 05
Niagara Falls, ON Canada
Session Title:
Student Posters, Wine-&-Cheese Reception

M. Ponce Tovar (McMaster University)
A. Buijs (McMaster University)
D. Novog (McMaster University)


The objective of this project was to model and simulate the neutron multiplication factor (k) of a simple PWR fuel pin in G4-STORK as well as MCNP6, and compare the results to help ascertain the validity of G4-STORK. The G4-STORK simulations were performed in two modes: generational and dynamic. These simulations were checked for agreement with theoretical principles of reactor physics. Meanwhile, the MCNP6 simulation results were checked against results from deterministic codes (HELIOS, NEWT). In addition, various changes to the algorithm and physics models of G4-STORK were applied to make it more comparable to MCNP6 in its assumptions. MCNP6 and G4-STORK were found to be in close agreement when G4-STORK ran in generational mode. Discrepancies were found when G4-STORK used the dynamic method, which is the theoretically correct approach.  The discrepancies grew as the k factor strayed further from unity. 

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