11th International Conference on CANDU® Maintenance and Nuclear Components - 2017 Oct. 01-04

Presented at:
11th International Conference on CANDU® Maintenance and Nuclear Components
2017 Oct. 01-04
Toronto, ON Canada
Session Title:
Plenary 1B: Long Term Asset Management Plans and Strategies

R. Whalen (SNC-Lavalin Nuclear)


Long Term Asset Management (LTAM) is an important strategy to support safety, reliability, predictability and efficiency in operations. It is also key to maintaining the confidence of regulators, stakeholders as well as the general public. Utilities have made significant efforts and progress in improving equipment reliability and the industry has also gained experience with the benefits of having a proactive LTAM perspective. This includes benefits on short term equipment reliability and the ability to better integrate longer term actions into a comprehensive business plan. LTAM can also help the facility prioritize actions for systems and structures that do not have immediate safety implications, but are important to the long term operation of the plant.

IAEA, INPO AP-913, REGDOC 2.6.3 standards and other industry guidelines reflect a growing body of industry best practice that points to effective LTAM implementation. OEMs are incorporating this thinking into a more proactive design process to provide LTAM program elements as part of the original design supply. Utilities are looking at how these programs can lead to a more pro-active approach.

LTAM integrates the activities of groups throughout the station to manage the aging of plant assets, optimize asset operating life, and maximize the return on investment while maintaining safe and reliable operation.

The talk will consider aspects of successful LTAM strategies and plans from the operator as well as the OEM perspective and will enforce how both organizations can work together to achieve the desired results. It will discuss experiences in applying this thinking to operating station programs and application to new builds. It will also discuss how adopting an affective LTAM strategy can address regulatory and public concerns both while achieving the design life of stations as well as post-refurbishment life.

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