11th International Conference on CANDU® Maintenance and Nuclear Components - 2017 Oct. 01-04

Presented at:
11th International Conference on CANDU® Maintenance and Nuclear Components
2017 Oct. 01-04
Toronto, ON Canada
Session Title:
Plenary 2B: Margin Management

G. Newman (Bruce Power)


The Safe, Reliable and Cost Effective operation of the Ontario CANDU Reactors is a key element of the energy strategy for Ontario.  The COG Fuel Channel Life Management Project is a co-funded initiative being undertaken by OPG, BP and CNL and is considered a key input to each utility’s Asset Management Program as well as in support of license renewal.  This multi-year R&D project was undertaken to advance the industry understanding of key fuel channel assembly fitness-for-service material properties, modeling and methodologies for accelerated life-cycle conditions.  In the limit the ultimate objective was to ensure that fuel channel assembly fitness-for-service could be demonstrated to at least 300,000 EFPH.  As a key input to the asset management programs, this is also a key enabler for the Ontario Provincial Government Long-Term-Energy Plan (LTEP) where units at both OPG and BP must operate through to the 2030 time frame over which refurbishment of both the Darlington and Bruce Power reactors will be completed.  In addition to successfully achieving these refurbishment targets, the understanding developed through this work will inform future operation of all CANDU reactors both domestically and internationally over the next 50 years as this critical base load generation capability continues to provide a safe, reliable low cost source of energy to the consumers.  This initiative is expected to continue over the next three years and ultimately will be rolled back into the base COG R&D program given that development, refinement and sustaining efforts are expected to continue as part of the ongoing program.  This program continues to contribute to the already considerable Industry R&D Knowledge basis while also transferring this understanding to the next generation of key Scientist and Engineering Staff as well as contributing to maintaining key laboratory capability within the Province of Ontario.

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