11th International Conference on CANDU® Maintenance and Nuclear Components - 2017 Oct. 01-04

Presented at:
11th International Conference on CANDU® Maintenance and Nuclear Components
2017 Oct. 01-04
Toronto, ON Canada
Session Title:
Plenary 3B: Executing Maintenance

B. Tapping (Canadian Nuclear Laboratories)


Since the early 1980s corrosion and fouling of steam generator (SG) components, especially tubing, has resulted in significant operational loss, maintenance and inspection requirements and regulatory attention. Although the tubing degradation was largely confined to PWR SGs tubed with Alloy 600, loss of function as a consequence of fouling and vibration were experienced more widely. CANDU SGs have also experienced many of the same degradation mechanisms as PWRs, and hence follow similar secondary side chemistry, support structure designs and inspection requirements. However because CANDU SGs are smaller than those typically found in PWRs, have smaller tube diameters, and have more primary side deposits, the CANDU community has had to develop some different and unique inspection and maintenance tools compared to those used in PWRs. CANDUs also have SGs tubed with one of three alloys, Alloys 400, 600 and 800, each with unique degradation characteristics and inspection requirements. These considerations impact CANDU SG management and addressing them has required significant technical input and support from R&D. This presentation will sketch the evolution of SG issues that have affected operation, maintenance and regulation, and demonstrate how, for CANDU SGs in particular, R&D has interfaced with designers, operators and regulators, and with external experts and sources, to develop tools and strategies for effective SG operation, including for long term continuation of operation.

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