Essential ‘Ways-of-Working’ Features of 'Configuration Management for New-Build 2011' and 'Issue-Resolved Replication'
9th International Conference on CANDU® Maintenance - 2011 December 04-06

Presented at:
9th International Conference on CANDU® Maintenance
2011 December 04-06
Toronto, Canada
Session Title:
Industry Performance Special Session B1

Bill Schneider (Babcock & Wilcox Canada)


The ‘Ways-of-Working Foundation’ of the Competencies most vital to ‘New-Build’ are provided. Examples are provided of local C.M disasters and I-R.R success stories from else-where.

[Configuration Management for New-Build 2011 - State-of-Art Specifications at Every Level - driven by Best-Available OpEx - based on SofA Expertise – subjected to Transparent, Independent Review]

It is the position of CMC2011 that weak CM is at the root of much ‘less-than-adequate performance’ (especially refurb programs - since ~1986). For New-Build, the ‘Foundation’ of Configuration-Management is ‘State-of-Art Specifications for All Systems, Equipment, Materials, and Processes’ – supported by ‘State-of-Art Service-Provider Expertise’ – and Audit-able via ‘Transparent, Third-Party, Issue-Review-and-Resolution Programs. C.M must be executed by the Architecture-Service-Providers – but it must be demanded by the Utility-Owners

[Issue-Resolved, Configuration-Managed, Replication – Rigorous, Configuration-Managed Replication for the Capture of the 85% that is Proven – plus - Parallel, Transparent, Separately-Managed, Contractually-Facilitated, Side-Stream Programs for the Identification and Resolution of the highly-troublesome 15% that remains Un-Resolved]

For New-Build in 2011, as well as for Refurb and Ops/Outage Support at any time, the last thing the Owner-Utilities want is innovation - or invention - or anything else for which substantial operating-experience and reliability-verification cannot be provided. I-R.R is discussed as - i) ‘Rigorous Replication’ and ii) ‘Issue-Identification and Resolution’.

What we refer to as ‘Side-Stream, Independently-Driven, Issue-Identification and Resolution’ is already practiced by utility ‘SIR Teams’ – i.e. - ‘go-anywhere, do-anything, flying-squads’ – for whom the watch-word is “… expect the un-anticipated”.

Issue-Resolution must be provided as part of every project. It must be demanded (and contractually-facilitated) up-front by the Utility-Owners’ – and the System/ Equipment/ Architecture Service-Providers must provide it – and insist provisions for it be there.

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