Planning and Scheduling
9th International Conference on CANDU® Maintenance - 2011 December 04-06

Presented at:
9th International Conference on CANDU® Maintenance
2011 December 04-06
Toronto, Canada
Session Title:
Session C - Refurbishments Small and Large

Claude Drouin (Director of Refurbishment, Gentilly-2, Hydro-Québec)


Hydro-Québec is presently in the preparation phase for the Refurbishment Project of Gentilly-2. However, due to the decision to postpone the refurbishment outage for an undefined period, the intensity of engineering and procurement activities has slowed down. HQ decided to keep the focus on the engineering related to retube packages and to nuclear lots deemed critical for the beginning of the refurbishment outage. In accordance with that decision, HQ has requested that their suppliers postpone material procurement and delay temporary facilities installation. In the meantime, the refurbishment team is working with different planning scenarios for the whole of the refurbishment including plant maintenance activities. The goal is to be ready to restart project preparations with minimum impact on engineering and procurement activities once the final project decision is given.

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