The Radix Mini--Modular Reactors For Energy Supply
33rd Annual CNS Conference - 2012 June 10-13

Presented at:
33rd Annual CNS Conference
2012 June 10-13
Saskatoon, Canada
Session Title:
WFS - Small Reactors

Paul Farrell (RADIX Power and Energy Corporation Long Island, NY)
Phillip Moor (RADIX Power and Energy Corporation Long Island, NY)


Small Modular Reactors (SMR’s) provide energy to providers and other users with broad array of energy options. Their small size—typically fewer than 300 megawatts electric and modular construction will allow these reactors to be built in a controlled factory setting and installed module by module, reducing the financing challenge and matching a variety of

Needs for low--‐carbon energy. The potential applications for small reactors include electricity generation, production of potable water and supply of process heat. Small reactors may be compatible with the needs of smaller utilities from the standpoint of generation, transmission and financing. The industry envisions modular reactors built in pairs, with modules added as needed to match growth in energy demand. This presentation presents an up to date overview of the types of SMR technology being developed in North American and it provides a development status and highlights of the Radix MMR. The 10 MWe Radix (mini--‐modular reactor) MMR Is designed to challenge the large diesel generator industry in global regions that are compatible with nuclear power. The 50 MWe Radix Variant can be used in higher power applications such as mining and other off--‐grid operations. The Presentation will provide summary information on SMR Benefits and risks, estimated deployment schedules, licensing requirements and projected costs of competing diesel technologies.

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