A Simple Estimate of Production of Medical isotopes by Photo-neutron Reaction at the Canadian Light Source
33rd Annual CNS Conference - 2012 June 10-13

Presented at:
33rd Annual CNS Conference
2012 June 10-13
Saskatoon, Canada
Session Title:
I & C, Process

Barbara Szpunar (University of Saskatchewan)
Chary Rangacharyulu (University of Saskatchewan)
Schin Date' (Japan Synchrotron Radiation Research Institute)
Hiro Ejiri (Research Center for Nuclear Physics)


In contrast to the conventional bremsstrahlung photon beam sources, the laser back scatter photon sources at electron synchrotrons provide the selective tuning capability of photons of energies of interest. This feature coupled with the ubiquitous giant dipole resonance excitations of atomic nuclei promise a fertile ground of nuclear isotope productions. In this article, we present the results of simulations of production of medical/industrial isotopes 196Au, 192Ir and 99Mo by (?,n) reactions. We employed FLUKA Monte Carlo code along with the simulated photon flux for a beamline at the CLS in conjunction with a CO2 laser system.

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