Description and Results of a Two-Dimensional Lattice Physics Code Benchmark for the Canadian Pressure Tube Supercritical Water-cooled Reactor (PT-SCWR)
34th Annual CNS Conference - 2013 June 09-12

Presented at:
34th Annual CNS Conference
2013 June 09-12
Toronto, Canada
Session Title:
Reactor & Radiation Physics 1

D. W. Hummel (McMaster University)
S. E. Langton (McMaster University)
M. R. Ball (McMaster University)
D. R. Novog (McMaster University)
A. Buijs (McMaster University)


Discrepancies have been observed among a number of recent reactor physics studies in support of the PT-SCWR pre-conceptual design, including differences in lattice-level predictions of infinite neutron multiplication factor, coolant void reactivity, and radial power profile. As a first step to resolving these discrepancies, a lattice-level benchmark problem was designed based on the 78-element plutonium-thorium PT-SCWR fuel design under a set of prescribed local conditions. This benchmark problem was modeled with a suite of both deterministic and Monte Carlo neutron transport codes. The results of these models are presented here as the basis of a code-to-code comparison.

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