Initial Interaction of 137Cs with Soils
34th Annual CNS Conference - 2013 June 09-12

Presented at:
34th Annual CNS Conference
2013 June 09-12
Toronto, Canada
Session Title:
Environment & Spent Fuel Management 1

Shinya Nagasaki (McMaster University)
Hisashi Makino (University of Tokyo)
Takumi Saito (University of Tokyo)


It is critical to understand the physicochemical behaviour of Cs in soil in order to progress the decontamination of soils which were contaminated by nuclear power plant accident and to improve the reliability of safety assessment of used nuclear fuel disposal. In this paper, the initial interactions of 137Cs with soils, which were sampled in Fukushima 38 days after Fukushima Accident, were investigated with sequential extraction method. It was found that there were fast and slow processes of fixation of 137Cs in clay minerals and that the organic substances might play an important role on kinetics of 137Cs in soils.

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