OECD/NEA Main Steam Line Break PWR Benchmark Simulation by TRACE/S3K Coupled Code
NURETH-14 - 2011 September 25-30

Presented at:
2011 September 25-30
Toronto, Canada
Session Title:
B13-4 Development, Assessment and Applications of TRACE

Konstantin Nikitin (Paul Scherrer Institut)
Annalisa Manera (Paul Scherrer Institut)
Hakim Ferroukhi (Paul Scherrer Institut)
Jerry Judd (Studsvik Scandpower, Inc.)
Gerardo M. Grandi (Studsvik, Idaho Falls)


A coupling between the TRACE system thermal-hydraulics code and the SIMULATE-3K

(S3K) three-dimensional reactor kinetics code has been developed in a collaboration between

the Paul Scherrer Institut (PSI) and Studsvik. In order to verify the coupling scheme and the

coupled code capabilities with regards to plant transients, the OECD/NEA Main Steam Line

Break PWR benchmark was simulated with the coupled TRACE/S3K code. The core/plant

system data were taken from the benchmark specifications, while the nuclear data were

generated with the Studsvik’s lattice code CASMO-4 and the core analysis code

SIMULATE-3. The TRACE/S3K results were compared with the published results obtained

by the 17 participants of the benchmark. The comparison shows that the TRACE/S3K code

reproduces satisfactory the main transient parameters, namely, the power and reactivity

history, steam generator inventory, and pressure response.

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