Experimental Investigation of Air Bubble Flows in a Water Pool
NURETH-14 - 2011 September 25-30

Presented at:
2011 September 25-30
Toronto, Canada
Session Title:
F1-1 Boiling and Condensation Heat Transfer

Benjamin Balewski (Becker Technologies GmbH)
Sanjeev Gupta (Becker Technologies GmbH)
Karsten Fischer (Becker Technologies GmbH)
Gerhard Poss (Becker Technologies GmbH)


This paper presents experimental results on rising bubbles in the wetwell of a boiling water reactor (BWR) in a loss-of-coolant accident in the pressure suppression pool (PSP). This accident scenario includes three processes: blowdown and associated water slug phenomena, bubble dynamics and related water flow during continuous release of gases and development of a thermal stratification. The paper covers the middle phase where air is fed through a downcomer. The developments of bubble formation and bubble flow are investigated by means of high speed videos. Diameter, velocity, formation frequency and breakup distance of bubbles are evaluated using automated image evaluation procedures. The experiments have been performed in the cylindrical vessel of the THAI test facility with a height of 9.2 m and a diameter of 3.2 m.

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