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2016 - 2017



Member Affiliation Executive Position
Peter Ozemoyah Tyne Engineering President
Daniel Gammage AMEC NSS 1st Vice President
John Luxat McMaster University 2nd Vice President
Paul D. Thompson New Brunswick Power Nuclear Past President
Mohamed Younis AMEC NSS Limited Treasurer
Colin Hunt CGH Publications Inc. Secretary
Benjamin Rouben (Ben) 12 & 1 Consulting Executive Director (TBC)
Ken L. Smith Formerly AECL and NRCan Financial Administrator (TBC)
Peter Easton Eastworks Consulting Limited Communications Director (TBC)


Member Affiliation
Parva Alavi Retired (formerly Candu Energy)
Andrew Ali AMEC NSS
Farzad Ardeshiri
John Barrett Canadian Nuclear Association
Frederick C. Boyd (Fred) Retired (formerly CNSC)
Chris Ciaravino
Rudy Cronk PLC Fire Safety Engineering
Ruxandra Dranga Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL)
Peter Easton Eastworks Consulting Limited
Mohinder Singh Grover Candu Energy Inc.
Jeremy M. Hopwood AECL
Kris K. Mohan WizNucleus (retired AECL)
Eleodor Nichita (Dorin) University of Ontario Institute of Technology
Nicholas Preston
John G. Roberts
Wei Shen CNSC
Nick Sion Intercan Technologies
Michael Smith Self
Keith Stratton Stratton Consulting Inc.
Ronald A. Thomas
Aman Usmani AMEC NSS
Kamal Verma Candu Energy Inc.
Pauline Carol Watson retired
Stephen Yu Candu Energy Inc.

Special Duties Reporting to (but not necessarily members of) Council

Colin Hunt CGH Publications Inc. Bulletin Publisher
Benjamin Rouben (Ben) 12 & 1 Consulting Executive Director (TBC)
Jeremy J. Whitlock Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL) Communications Director (TBC)
Ken L. Smith Formerly AECL and NRCan Financial Administrator (TBC)
Richard Fluke (Ric) AMEC NSS Bulletin Editor (TBC)

CNS Office

Bob O'Sullivan

Technical Divisions

Division Chair
Design and Materials Daniel Gammage
Environment and Waste Management Parva Alavi
Fuel Technologies Paul Chan
Fusion Science and Technology Blair Bromley
Medical Applications & Radiation Protection Nick Sion
Nuclear Operations & Maintenance Aman Usmani and Polad Zahedi
Nuclear Science & Engineering Elisabeth Varin

CNS Committees

Committee Chair Members
Branch Affairs Ronald A. Thomas
Education and Communication Ruxandra Dranga John G. Roberts, Co-Chair Jason MKC Donev, Matthew Dalzell, Bryan F. White, Frederick C. Boyd, John Krasznai, Peter Lang, Ron Matthews, Glenn Aldon McRae, John G. Roberts, Shelley Rolland-Poruks, Joy Shikaze, Shaun Ward, Jeremy J. Whitlock, Alex Wolf, Tjalle Vandergraaf,
Finance Mohamed Younis Ken L. Smith, Edward M. Hinchley, Benjamin Rouben, Adriaan Buijs,
Honours and Awards Ruxandra Dranga Paul D. Thompson, Robert L. Walker, John Barrett, Jacques A. Plourde, John G. Roberts, Ovidiu Nainer, Peter Ozemoyah, Benjamin Rouben, Ken L. Smith, Ronald C. Oberth, Daniel Gammage, Jeremy J. Whitlock,
Internet Adriaan Buijs Morgan Brown, Jeremy J. Whitlock, Dorin Nichita, Benjamin Rouben,
International Liaison Kris K. Mohan Benjamin Rouben, Frederick C. Boyd,
Inter-society Relations Peter Ozemoyah
Membership Benjamin Rouben Blair Bromley,
Past Presidents Paul D. Thompson All Past Presidents
Publications Colin Hunt Peter Ozemoyah, Richard Fluke,
Scholarship Committee Mohamed Younis Adriaan Buijs, Jadranka Popovic, Dorin Nichita, Ruxandra Dranga,
Strategic Planning Jacques A. Plourde Paul Thompson, Pauline Watson, Chris Ciaravino, Michael Smith, Peter Easton, Jerry Hopwood
Young Generation Andrew Ali John G. Roberts,
WiN Canada Pauline Carol Watson


Branch Chair
Golden Horseshoe Jason Sharpe
Bruce John Krane
UOIT Cristina Mazza
Chalk River Andrew C. Morreale
Durham Region Jacques A. Plourde /Nick Preston, CoChairs
Manitoba Jason Martino
New Brunswick Derek Mullin
Ottawa Ken Kirkhope
Québec Michel Saint-Denis
Sheridan Park Rajendra Jain
Toronto Andrew Ali
Western Branch (Formerly Alberta and Saskatchewan) Matthew Dalzell