The Division’s objectives are to provide a medium in which the development and implementation of the latest design concepts and the development and use of materials in the solution to design problems in a nuclear environment, can be shared with others practising in these and related fields.

These objectives will be achieved through the organizing of conferences, seminars, and technical courses and soliciting articles for publication in the CNS bulletin.

The goal is to hold a minimum of one conference, seminar or course each year.

Areas covered include but are not necessarily limited to the following:

Human Factors 

The organization of events is normally done by ad-hoc Committees, consisting of both CNS members and non-members, who have a specific interest in the subject.  There is no centralized direction and currently no standing Committee for the Division.  This is probably because the organizations in this area are fairly dispersed.

Most recent activity has been centred on the International Steam Generator and Heat Exchanger Conference, held every few years.  This conference offers the opportunity for contributions from both Design and Materials disciplines with Mechanical, Electrical (I&C) Inspection Operation and Process design aspects represented, among others.