• Date: 2018 Oct 9 - 11
  • Venue: Ottawa Marriott, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
  • Contact: CNS Office
  • Phone: (416) 977-7620
  • Email: cns_office@cns-snc.ca

Thank you!

The Organising Committee thanks all participants and the sponsors for a very successful conference! We hope to see you all again at the next conference on Simulation Methods organized by the CNS!

Image by Wladyslaw Taxiarchos, Wikimedia

The Conference

The Canadian Nuclear Society held its 8th International Conference on Simulation Methods in Nuclear Science and Engineering in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, October 9-11, 2018 (Tue -Thu).

Objective of the Conference

The objective of the Conference was to provide an international forum for discussion and exchange of information, results and views amongst scientists and engineers working in the various fields of nuclear science and engineering.

Plenary Speakers

  • liangzhi_cao

    Liangzhi Cao

    Professor, School of Nuclear Science and Technology, Xi'an Jiaotong University (XJTU) China.

    Title: Development of a High Fidelity Numerical Reactor Model and its Uncertainty Quantification

    Abstract and Biography

  • paul_chan

    Paul Chan

    Professor, Royal Military College (RMC), Canada

    Title: Margin Improvement Initiatives: Realistic Approaches

    Abstract and Biography

  • konstandin_ivan

    Kostadin Ivanov

    Professor and Head of Department of Nuclear Engineering, North Carolina State University (NCSU), United States

    Title: Benchmark Approach for Consistent Testing of Multi-Physics Uncertainty Propagation in Reactor Calculations

    Abstract and Biography

  • yonghee_kim

    Yonghee Kim

    Professor, Department of Nuclear and Quantum Engineering, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), South Korea.

    Title: Challenges for Autonomous Water-cooled Small Modular Reactor ATOM Development

    Abstract and Biography

  • brent_lewis

    Brent Lewis

    Professor Emeritus, Royal Military College (RMC), Canada.

    Title: Modelling and Simulation of Radiation Exposure in Space

    Abstract and Biography

  • dave_novog

    Dave Novog

    Professor, McMaster University, Canada.

    Title: Issues and Experiences in Multi-scale Uncertainty Propagation in Computational Best Estimate Plus Uncertainty Approaches


  • feng_shen

    Feng Shen

    Director of Nuclear Power Software Development Center ofCentral Research Institute, State Power Investment Corporation (SPIC), China.

    Title: The Progress of COSINE Development and Assessment

    Abstract and Biography

  • darren-radford

    Darren Radford

    Title: High Performance Computing at CNL


  • william_w

    William Wieselquist

    SCALE Deputy Manager, Multi-Physics Team Lead, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), United States.

    Title: Interfacing SCALE with the Future

    Abstract and Biography

  • Szpunar

    Jerzy Szpunar

    Professor, University of Saskatchewan, Canada

    Title: Accident Tolerant Fuel and Novel Cladding to Address Development of GenIV and Small Modular Reactors

    Abstract and Biography

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Topics of interest

The scope of the Conference covered simulation methods in all aspects of nuclear science and engineering, including, but not limited to:

  • Reactor Physics
  • Thermalhydraulics
  • Safety Analysis
  • Fuel and Fuel Channel Analysis
  • Computer Codes and Modelling
  • Verification &Validation of Computer Codes
  • Best-Estimate and Probabilistic Safety Analysis
  • Sensitivity and Uncertainty Analysis
  • Monte Carlo and its Applications
  • Operation Support
  • Simulation for Fusion Energy Applications
  • Advanced Reactors & Advanced Fuel Cycles
  • Irradiated-Fuel, Proliferation Resistance
  • Plant Refurbishment and Commissioning


Workshops and Tour


Tour of Canadian Nuclear Laboratories

Friday, October 12, all day.




DRAGON Workshop

Tuesday, October 9, 8:30 – 11:00 AM

Delivered by ÉcolePolytechnique de Montréal.



SCALE Workshop

Tuesday, October 9, 11:45 AM – 2:45 PM

Delivered by Oak Ridge National Laboratories, US.



SuperMC Workshop

Tuesday, October 9, 3:00 – 6:00 pm (Concurrent with COBRA-TF Workshop)

Delivered by Institute for Nuclear Energy Safety Technology, China.



COBRA-TF Workshop

Tuesday, October 9, 3:00 – 6:00 pm (concurrent with SuperMC workshop)

Delivered by North Carolina State University, US.


Click here for details on all Workshops.

Panel Discussion on CANDU Thermalhydraulics

The conference featured a panel session on "Current Knowledge and Areas for Improvement in CANDU Reactor Thermalhydraulics Simulations”.

The panel session was organized by Dr. Yujun Guo, [Bio] Technical Specialist of the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission.

Five expert panelists made brief presentations covering the following sub topics essential to CANDU reactor thermalhydraulics simulations:

  1. Experiments in support of CANDU reactor thermalhydraulics simulations (Mr. Gordon Hadaller, President of Stern Laboratories) [Bio]
  2. Data analysis and development of prediction methods for major reactor thermalhydraulic parameters (Dr. Jun Yang, [Bio] Canadian Nuclear Laboratories)
  3. Development and improvement of computer codes (Dr. Nusret Aydemir, [Bio] Canadian Nuclear Laboratories)
  4. Verification and validation of prediction methods and computer codes (Dr. Yuksel Parlatan, [Bio] Ontario Power Generation)
  5. Quantification of simulation uncertainties (Prof. Maria Avramova, [Bio] North Carolina State University)

A discussion between panelists and the audience followed the presentations. 

Local Organising Committee

Executive Chair: Adriaan Buijs (McMaster University)
Technical Program Chair: Eleodor Nichita (University of Ontario Institute of Technology)
Plenary Program Chair: Wei Shen (CANDU Owners Group)
Assistant Executive Chair: Ben Rouben (12&1 Consulting)
Treasurer: Mohamed Younis (Kinectrics (NSS) Retired)
Sponsorships: Constantin Banica (OPG)

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CNS Office: cns_office@cns-snc.ca
Tel.: +1 416-977-7620

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