2017 Week 7

This past week, the CNS continued its relationship building visits with organizations and companies associated with the nuclear industry. The first visit on Monday February 6th was with the Nuclear Waste Management Organization (NWMO). The CNS team comprising the President (Peter Ozemoyah), the Immediate Past President (Paul Thompson), the Chair of Toronto Branch (Andrew Ali), and the Chair of the CNS Environment, Waste Management & Decommissioning Division – EWMD (Parva Alavi) were well received by the NWMO team led by the President/CEO Ms. Laurie Swami.  Areas of common interest were explored, and the best way forward discussed.

The following day, February 7th, the CNS team comprising the President, the Immediate Past President, the Secretary (Colin Hunt), Chair of Ottawa Branch (Ken Kirkhope), and Chair of Branch Affairs (Ron Thomas) were at the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC). The CNSC President (Michael Binder) led a team of seven senior management staff to meet with the CNS team. Effective involvement of the younger people (young generation) in the nuclear industry took centre stage in the discussions. As with the visit with the NWMO, decisions on the best way forward were reached.

Later on the afternoon of that day, the CNS team of President, Immediate Past President, and Communications Director (Peter Easton) met with the senior management of the Canadian Nuclear Association (CNA) staff. The CNA Director of Policy and Research (John Stewart) led the CNA team on behalf of the President/CEO (John Barrett) who was away that day. In addition to reviewing the existing relationship between the two organizations, discussions centred mainly on the CNS/CNA annual Honours and Awards.

At the end of the visits, Mother Nature ensured that the Immediate Past President spent additional two nights in Ottawa. Thank you Paul for the sacrifice.

CNS President