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A view of dry storage containers at the Western Waste Management Facility of Ontario Power Generation at the Bruce site (photo courtesy of OPG). Volume 26, No. 4:

  • 9th Annual Fuel Conference
  • Manufacturing LVR Fuel
  • OPG Dry Fuel Storage
  • New Licensing Directions
  • Energy Person of the Year
  • NWMO Final Report

In This Issue

This issue features the 9th CNS CANDU Fuel Conference held in September 2005 but also includes something that has generally been missing, commentaries from readers.   These begin with a Letter arguing for the need to design CANDU units with the capability to load follow.

The other two commentaries are in the back section.   One is a review, by Archie Robertson, of the large report "Choosing a Way Forward - The Future Management of Canada's Used Nuclear Fuel - Final Study" released by the Nuclear Waste Management Organization in early November.   The other deals with a video that distorts the history of early uranium mining in the Northwest Territories, Village of Widows.   We urge you to read these thoughtful pieces.

There is our report on the 9th International Conference on CANDU Fuel followed by three of the papers presented.   First is LVRF Fuel Bundle Manufacture for Bruce, which gives a glimpse of the challenge to fuel manufacturers of going to enriched uranium.   Next is CANDU Fuel Long-Term Storage and Used-Fuel Integrity, a description of the system used by Ontario Power Generation.   The third provides an overview of nuclear fuel manufacturing in India, Manufacture of Fuel and Fuel Channels and their Performance in Indian PHWRs.

There is a paper from the CNS Annual Conference but which is still relevant and important, Development Of Licensing Basis For Future Power Reactors In Canada, by G. Rzentkowski of the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission.

There is a short account of the ceremony held in late October to honour Duncan Hawthorne as "Canadian Energy Person of the Year 2005" and a similarly brief report on the Annual Meeting of the Organization of CANDU Industries.   A preliminary report is offered on the 7th CNS International Conference on CANDU Maintenance, which was held in late November just before this issue "went to press".

Another history lesson is provided in the article The Eldorado Radium Silver Express.

There are the usual sections on General News, with our eclectic selection of items, and CNS News, providing a glimpse of the many activities of the Society.

And, of course, there is Jeremy Whitlock's particular view of affairs in Endpoint.

Finally, we ask you to look at the advertisements which reflect the renewed activity in the Canadian nuclear scene.

Your comments (good or bad) are always welcomed.

---Fred Boyd, Editor

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