Student Poster Presentation

Students will be required to be with their posters during the allotted time for presentation on October 28th. The Student Poster Presentation will be co-located with the Exhibitors in the Provinces Ballroom.

Students will be given an opportunity to discuss their work from both a technical and non-technical perspective. Cash awards will be presented during the closing conference luncheon recognizing both the technical aspects of the presentation as well as their ability to present the topic in a clear, concise and compelling manner.

The Student Ambassador invites the submission of abstracts for proposed presentations pertaining to the topic areas within each of the four conference themes. Business Performance and Governance, Human Performance, Technology or Processes and Programs. Abstracts are to be no more than 400 words in length.

The deadline for submission of abstracts is 2019 August 16 - EXTENDED
Notification of acceptance will be 2019 August 20 - EXTENDED
Presentation submission date will be 2019 Sept. 20
Poster Presentation Format information will be provided
Ensure that you indicate which of the four conference themes your presentation pertains to.

Business Performance and Governance

  • Business Metrics
  • Codes & Standards
  • License and Laws
  • Management Oversight
  • Organizational Design/Alignment
  • Regulatory Affairs
  • Strategies
  • Visions of the Future

Human Performance

  • Ethics
  • Human Factors
  • Human Resources
  • Instructional Systems Development/Training
  • Leadership
  • Management of Performance Systems
  • Personnel Safety
  • Succession Planning


  • Analytical Tools
  • Communication
  • Emergency Mitigating Equipment
  • Emergency Response Equipment
  • Emerging Technologies
  • Event Simulation
  • Fire Protection Systems
  • Fukushima

Processes and Programs

  • Analysis, Evaluation and Measurement
  • Business Continuity
  • Engineering Change Control
  • Fire Prevention
  • Integrating Services
  • Interoperability
  • Nuclear Safety
  • OPEX
  • Risk Management
  • Quality Assurance