Manitoba Movers - Dennis Chen
Winnipeg Free Press
Mon July 31, 2006

Awards: Dennis Chen

President of Channel Systems, was recently awarded The Canadian Nuclear Society's Innovative Achievement Award.   Chen was the driving force behind the development of the Cerenkov Viewing Device at Atomic Energy of Canada Limited.   The Cerenkov Viewing Device is recognized by the International Atomic Energy Agency as the instrument-of-choice for safeguards inspectors conducting fuel inventory verification at nuclear installations.   In 1983, Chen led a team at AECL's Whiteshell Laboratories that developed the prototype Cerenkov Viewing Device, adapted from military night-vision technology.   The Cerenkov Viewing Devic lets IAEA inspectors "see" the residual radioactivity of used nuclear fuel stored under water at reactor sites, in a fast and non-invasive manner that revolutionized the inspection process.   His contribution has brought Canada international recognition for technological excellence and dedication to nuclear safeguards.   Channel Systems, located in Pinawa, supplies innovative products and services to the IAEA and other agencies charged with nuclear safety.