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Electricity Generated in Ontario
Dec 18 2018 14:45

Generation Totals

Homes Supplied and CO2 Avoided

Tonnes of CO2 avoided This Hour

CO2 Avoided and Homes Supplied

CO2 avoided: Based upon the CO2 emissions from coal for an equivalent energy output, assuming: 0.85 tonnes of CO2 per MWh(e) from coal, 0.50 tonnes CO2 per MWh(e) from natural gas and “other” (assuming natural gas at the Lennox station as the main contributor), and zero tonnes CO2 per MWh(e) for wind, hydro, and nuclear.

# homes supplied: This is an illustrative estimate of the number of homes that could be supplied by the specific power source, based upon an average electricity monthly domestic usage of 972 kWh per home (source: Ontario Power Generation). In practice only about 30% of electricity production (in Ontario) is for residential use; the majority is for industrial and commercial customers.

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