Workshop Presentations

Regulatory Aspects of Medical Isotope Production in Canada
Terry Jamieson 
Vice President, Technical Support Branch, Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission
99Mo Production by Proton-induced Fission with LEU
Dr. Frédéric Stichelbaut Manager,
Research and Development, IBA
Split Up and Separate: Photo-fission, Accelerators, and Mo-99
Dr. Tim Meyer
Head, Strategic Planning and Communications, TRIUMF
Two Routes to Solving the Mo/Tc Isotope Crisis: Direct Production of Tc-99m and Isotope Separation
Dr. Tom Ruth
Senior Research Scientist, TRIUMF and BC Cancer Agency
E-Beam Production of Molybdenum-99
Dr. John Barnard
Director, Research and Technology, ACSION Industries
Isotopes Shortages: Living in it, and being part of the solutions for the future - Radiopharmacy Perspectives
Dr. Kennedy Mang'era
Director, Radiopharmacy; Health Sciences Center, Winnipeg RHA
Using the Mo-100 Photoneutron Reaction to Meet Canada's Requirement forTc-99m
Dr. Carl Ross
Group Leader, Ionizing Radiation Standards Group, National Research Council Canada
Securing the Future of Medical Isotopes and Neutron Science in Canada: The Canadian Neutron Source (CNS)
Dr. Richard Florizone
Vice-President Finance, University of Saskatchewan
Requirements on Mo-99 Production to Satisfy Medical Demand
Dr. Richard Coats
Sandia National Laboratories, USA
An INVAP Perspective on the Production of Medical Radioisotopes: Past & Present
Dr. Marcelo Salvatore
Manager, Strategic Operations - Nuclear, INVAP, Argentina
Canadian Neutron Source (CNS):A Research Reactor Solution for Medical Isotopes and Neutrons for Science
Dr. Dean Chapman
Canada Research Chair in X-Ray Imaging, University of Saskatchewan
Bridging the Gap: The Role of MNR in Securing Canada's Medical Isotope Supply
Chris Heysel
Director, Nuclear Operations and Facilities, McMaster University
Alternative Radiopharmaceuticals for Myocardial Imaging
Dr. Robert deKemp
Associate Professor & Head Imaging Physicist, Cardiac Imaging University of Ottawa Heart Institute