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Ric Fluke    Jan. 1, 1998

In this issue


On page 2 of this issue, under the title ``Viewpoint'' there is a stinging, but, in our opinion, appropriate, comment by Jeremy Whitlock on the conclusions of the Environmental Review Panel on Nuclear Fuel Waste, entitled Safety and Acceptability. Also on that page there are some words from an ardent nuclear advocate in the USA, Theodore Rockwell, to counter the argument that plutonium is the world's deadliest commodity.

Our feature article is entitled, MDS Nordion: a Canadian nuclear success story. In it we attempt to provide some insight into that exciting company which is the world's largest single supplier of radioisotopes, yet little known even by those in the Canadian nuclear community. That is followed by a report on the current status of Food Irradiation, an application of ionizing radiation that may finally have its day.


Next is a report on the CNA/CNS Winter Seminar followed by four extracts from important addresses that day. These include words on, Federal Government Perspective, from Natural Resource Minister, Ralph Goodale; a Report on the Select Committee from its chairman, Derwyn Shea; and an overview of the White Paper on Ontario Hydro, by MPP Helen Johns. To round out the section we offer most of the paper by Dr. Agnes Bishop, president of the AECB, on A Regulatory Perspective, in which she counters several of the statements in the Select Committee report.

There follows a report on the CANDU Maintenance Conference, which, unfortunately, took place just as the last issue of the CNS Bulletin was going to press. This is accompanied by an account of one of the plenary presentations by Paul Lafrenière on Configuration Management and two papers selected from the many excellent ones, chosen for their possible broader appeal: Improved Maintenance by Self Assessment; and, New Work Management Processes.

The final technical article is a brief paper based on a talk by Basma Shalaby on Lifetime Management.

Placed under General News, for want of a better place, is the Executive Summary of the report from the Environmental Review Panel on Nuclear Fuel Waste Disposal Concept. There are a number of other bits of information in that section.

And, of course, there is the section on CNS News, with reports from the Branches, a review by the President, and another contribution by Jeremy Whitlock on the CNS Logo, which I hope you find as entertaining as we did.

The Calendar of events is updated, so that you can plan your trips for the coming year.

Hopefully, you will find something of interest in all of this. We thank our contributors and those authors who agreed to have their work re-printed here, and, as always, look forward to your comments, suggestions, and possible contributions.