• 21st CNS Annual Conference
  • Future of the Nuclear Industry in China
  • Gentilly-2 Full Power Operation History and Future Challenges
  • Application of Low Dose Radiation for Curing Cancer
  • A Thermal Neutron Activation System for Detecting Land Mines

Ric Fluke    Aug. 1, 2000

In this issue

Most of this issue, whether articles or papers, is drawn from the 21st CNS Annual Conference held in June 2000.

We begin with reports on the Conference, divided into three parts.   The first article, 21st CNS Annual Conference, provides a general picture and review of the plenary sessions.   The second gives a brief (and, admittedly, inadequate) account of the Technical Sessions.   And the third, in the form of a sidebar, offers a glimpse of the challenges faced, and overcome, by the organizing committee.

Following are four papers from the plenary sessions and one from the technical ones.   (We will run further technical papers in the next issue.)

The first paper, Future of the Nuclear Industry in China, probably drew the most attention of any presentation.   Dr. Li's remarks will, we suspect, be of interest to most readers.   To complement that overseas view there are two papers dealing with our two domestic CANDU 600 units; Gentilly 2 Full Power Operation - History and Future Challenges, and, Improving Performance at Point Lepreau.   The last plenary paper selected is a technically fascinating one on the innovative thinking going into possible future variants of CANDU, Conceptual Designs for Very High Temperature CANDU Reactors.

The one selection from the technical sessions reveals our bias.   John Luxat's paper, Safety Analysis Technology: Evolution, Revolution and the Drive to Establish Margins is, despite the unwieldy title, an excellent review of how reactor safety analysis has been driven by extreme deterministic criteria in contrast to the early objective of risk-based goals.

Then there is a paper describing the Development of a Thermal Neutron Activation System for Detection of Nonmetallic Land Mines which was the basis for one of the CNS Team Achievement Awards presented during the Conference.   Finally a short paper by Jerry Cuttler, Application of Low Dose of Radiation for Curing Cancer is a further contribution to the on-going argument about the effects of low doses of ionizing radiation.   (It should be noted that the CNS has not taken a stand on this issue and publication of this paper does NOT reflect endorsement or otherwise by the Society of the practice described.)

There is the customary short section on General News with a miscellany of items and a relatively long CNS News section with reports from the Annual General Meeting held during the Annual Conference.   Also in that section is a report, CNS recognizes achievers, on the several awards presented by the Society at a special luncheon during the Annual Conference.

Finally, there are notes of some Publications Available that may be of interest, the updated Calendar and Jerry Whitlock's essay in Endpoint.

Your comments and contributions are always welcomed.