• Cameco's Port Hope Facility
  • Conversation with Gene Preston
  • Nuclear and Sustainable Development
  • Effects of Low Doses of Radiation
  • CANDU Maintenance Conference

Ric Fluke    Nov. 12, 2000

In this issue

This issue of the CNS Bulletin is different from what we had originally planned, as a result of some of the same factors that caused its delay in publication.   Several articles and papers that we were pursuing did not materialize for one reason or another.   Nevertheless, we hope that you will find that the papers and articles included are interesting and informative.

To begin we have two letters which you may find controversial.   Your response to these (or to any other item) is always welcomed.

As part of our on-going series of articles on organizations in the Canadian nuclear program we have a short note on the Port Hope Conversion Facility of Cameco Corporation.   That is followed by a report on a Conversation with Gene Preston we were privileged to have in late October.

The article Does the Future have a Constituency? is the text of speech by Donald Johnston, secretary-general of the OECD, in which he expresses his personal conclusion that nuclear power is necessary to meet the challenge of reducing the emission of Greenhouse Gases.   Related to that topic is the paper by Duane Pendergast and others on Greenhouse Gas Reductions and Canada's Nuclear Industry which describes the extensive effort undertaken to develop a Canadian approach to meeting the targets set in the Kyoto protocol.

On meeting another challenge, that of mis-information, we reprint the reply by Phillippe Duport to the presentation of Rosalie Bertell to a Senate Committee in The Effect of Low doses of Ionizing Radiation.   A related article comes later in this issue, a report by Jerry Cuttler on a special meeting devoted to Health Benefits of Low Dose Radiation.

In between are two technical papers that we feel might be of interest to a wider audience, one on A Web site for Scientific Codes, and the other on Streamlined Reliability Centred Maintenance.

There follows our usual short section on General News in which we offer tidbits that you may not have picked up elsewhere.

The section on CNS News contains a number of items, including a brief report on the very recent 5th International Conference on CANDU Maintenance.   Please note the other reports on activities of the Canadian Nuclear Society.

There is a Book Review by Don Wiles along with some information on publications that may be of interest and then Endpoint with Jeremy Whitlock's particular view on our nuclear scene.

The Calendar has been updated and shows a large number of interesting events over the coming year or so.

As always we invite your comments, input, suggestions, so that the CNS Bulletin can serve you better.