• Comment - Bill C-27
  • OCI - a look at the Organization of CANDU Industries
  • The radiological consequences of the Chernobyl accident
  • Nuclear Energy and Sustainable Development
  • Decommisioning the U of T SLOWPOKE
  • Possible Refurbishment of Point Lepreau

Ric Fluke    July 12, 2001

In this issue

First, our apologies for the lateness of this issue of the CNS Bulletin.   Our excuse is a combination of computer problems and unavoidable personal commitments.    The former (computer problems) is also to blame for the absence of some normal items, such as Branch News, which got lost in the shuffle.

With that aside, this issue begins with a critical comment on the proposed Nuclear Waste Act by John Beare a former director general at the Atomic Energy Control Board.    Then our package of papers and articles opens with another note in our series on companies and groups associated with the Canadian nuclear program, OCI - a look at the Organization of CANDU Industries.   Following is a paper intended for the previous issue but inadvertently omitted, Radiological Consequences of the Chernobyl Accident and then a paper on a related theme, Why Are We So Afraid of Radiation?

A reprint is presented of the summary of an OECD-NEA document on Nuclear Energy and Sustainable Development, a topic of current interest.   Then we offer the first of what hope will be an on-going feature - a photo story - this time on the Decomissioning of the U of T SLOWPOKE.

For those who like some more technical material there is first a paper on the Possible Refurbishment of Point Lepreau, followed by one on ChemAND - a System for Control of Chemistry of CANDU Reactors.

There are a number of diverse items in General News, including a short report on the Nuclear Industry Winter Seminar, the annual one-day review of nuclear activities in Canada.

Sadly, reflecting the age of our nuclear program (and the ageing of many of its people) there are a number of Obituaries, most notably for John Foster and George Howey.

There is, as noted in our apology, only a brief section on CNS News.   This will be corrected for the next issue which will report on the Annual Conference being held as this issue goes to press.

Finally, but certainly not least, there is Jeremy Whitlock's particular look at the current scene in Endpoint.

We hope that you find something of interest in this mixture and invite your comments, and, of course, your contributions.