• Climate Change 2 Conference
  • Nuclear Power: Obstacles and Solutions
  • Advanced Pressure Tube Sampling Tools
  • CNS 7th International CANDU Fuel Conference
  • Canadian CANDU Fuel Development Programs
  • Plant Control System Upgrades

Ric Fluke    Jan. 12, 2002

In this issue

First of all, to match our current publishing schedule of January, April, July and October, this issue has been numbered Vol. 23, No. 1.   For anyone counting that means there were only three numbers in Vol. 22.

The content of this issue is drawn largely from two successful conferences held by the CNS in the fall of 2001, the 7th International Conference on CANDU Fuel, held in Kingston, Ontario last September, and the Climate Change 2 Conference, held in Toronto in October.   There are short reports on each of these along with some selected papers.   From the former we reprint two national overview papers: Canadian CANDU Fuel Development Programs and CANDU Fuel R & D in Korea.   From the latter we have just one paper, Technology and Climate Change, which is somewhat longer than our usual selections but provides a good overview of the topics covered at the Climate Change 2 Conference.

There are two other papers drawn from previous conferences, which are still relevant and, in our view, interesting: Nuclear Power: Obstacles and Solutions, and Advanced Pressure Tube Sampling.   Then, as an experiment, we include a short paper that is intended to be the first of a small series, on Plant Control System Upgrades.

The section on General News contains items that we found interesting and hope you will also, and which you may not have seen elsewhere.

Even though the section on CNS News is longer than it has been in recent issues it still does not fully reflect this very active society.   (In that regard we always welcome news of members, branches or other activities related to the CNS.)

There is a page on Books, an updated Calendar, and, of course, the always intriguing Endpoint from Jeremy Whitlock.

Let us know your thoughts, comments, whatever, on the publication, and, your contributions are always welcomed.