• NPD - The Beginning of CANDU
  • Bringing Iter to Canada
  • Nuclear Industry Winter Seminar
  • Globe 2002
  • Nuclear Education
  • Fuel Manufacture in India

Ric Fluke    May 12, 2002

In this issue

First, our apologies for the lateness of this issue.   Some communication problems combined with travel resulted in over two weks lost time

Part of this issue is drawn from two meetings: the annual Nuclear Industry Winter Seminar held in February and the Globe 2002 conference in March.   Another focus is the upcoming 40th anniversary of the start-up of NPD which, for many, marked the beginning of the CANDU series of nuclear power plants.

To start off, however, there is a letter from Archie Robertson commenting on the MAPLE reactors.   Although his letter was written a few months ago, the issue continues.

The first set of articles is titled NPD - the beginning of CANDU and begins with a background note by Jeremy Whitlock in connection with the historic plaque to be erected near the NPD site, entitled First nuclear-generated electricity in Canada (June 4, 1962).   This is followed by a retrospective piece: NPD - a beginning, a reprint of the press release of the day: Reactor in Canada's First Nuclear Power Station goes into Operation, and some early photographs of the people involved.

The next two articles deal with Iter, the proposed large thermonuclear fusion project.   Bringing Iter to Canada is a slightly modified and updated presentation by Peter Barnard to the Nuclear Industry Winter Seminar.   It is followed by a technical description The Iter Fusion Reactor by Adam McLean.

Two other presentations from the Winter Seminar follow: The Kyoto Protocol and Nuclear Power and Nuclear Power and Sustainable Development.

The broad theme of those two papers is continued in the report on Globe 2002, the large environmental conference held in Vancouver every four years.   A sidebar, Nuclear Renaissance, describes the first "nuclear" session in that series of conferences.   Concluding the package is an extract from the presentation to that conference by David Anderson, federal Minister of the Environment, onCanada and Climate Change.

Then follows an eclectic selection of papers, the first drawn from the CANDU Fuel Conference of last fall, on Fabrication, Quality Assurance and Performance of PHWR Fuel in India.   Next is Control System Upgrades Support Better Plant Economics, the second in a series.   Finally, we present two articles on the broad issue of nuclear education.   Nuclear Education and Training in the Internet Age was first presented at the 2001 CNS Annual Conference but, perhaps unfortunately, is still pertinent.   Nuclear Engineering Programmes at the Royal Military College is the first of a two-part review.

Our modest section on General News again includes items that we found of interest and hope you do also.

There is, of course, the section on CNS News, a note on Publications, the updated calendar and the ever interesting Endpoint by Jeremy Whitlock with another original drawing by his brother Lorne.

As always, we invite your reactions in the form of letters, e-mail, voice, or any other form of communication.