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Ric Fluke    Aug. 12, 2002

In this issue

Much of this issue is drawn from or based on two major events, the 23rd CNS Annual Conference, held in June, and the 6th CNS International Steam Generator Conference, held a month earlier.   There are reports on each of these gatherings and a few papers selected from them.

From the Annual Conference we have two technical papers and one of the three excellent reminiscent papers presented in the special "history" session at the Conference.   The first technical paper is:Reactor Physics Innovations in ACR-700 Design for Next CANDU Generation by M.Ovanes, et al.   The other is: Cobalt-60 Production in CANDU Power Reactors by G.R. Malkoske et al.   Choosing one of the historical papers was difficult.   Since there were several articles on NPD in the previous issue we chose the one by Bill Morison titled: Early Development of Full Scale Nuclear Power in Ontario in which he tells of the challenges of the rapidly growing nuclear program of the 1960s and 1970s.

Most of the papers at the Steam Generator conference were somewhat specialized.   However, we believe that most readers will find the plenary presentation by J. Muscara, of the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission, interesting: Research Perspectives on the Evaluation of Steam Generator Tube Integrity.   We hope to present further papers from both conferences in the following issue.

The conclusion is included of Hughes Bonin's bilingual description of the Nuclear Engineering Programs at RMC which was begun in the last issue.

There is a shorter than usual section on General News with a few items you may not have seen elsewhere and a expanded section of CNS News in which we report on the Society's Annual General Meeting and provide a short note Meet the President.

Thanks to Keith Weaver we have two Book reviews and, of course, Jeremy Whitlock's particular view of affairs in Endpoint. Finally, the Calendar has been updated.

Enclosed as a supplement are the three winning papers from the CNS/CNA Student Conference held immediately prior to the Annual Conference.

We welcome feedback, be it comment, criticism, or contribution.