• First CANDU in China
  • 22nd Simulation Symposium
  • Steam generator Life Cycle Management
  • PBNC 2002
  • New Ways to Build ACR
  • Isotopes at McMaster

Ric Fluke    Nov. 12, 2002

In this issue

This issue of the CNS Bulletin highlights the achievement of Qinshan III, Unit 1, which began to produce electricity in November, just 4 1/2 years after beginning construction.   A paper given by project director Ken Petrunik, to the PBNC 2002 conference, Construction of CANDU in China: A China - Canada Success Story, provides a very succinct summary of that remarkable feat.

Following a note on the 13th Pacific Basin Nuclear Conference, Canada at PBNC 2002, there is another paper from that conference, giving an overview of the Chinese nuclear program, Peaceful Uses of Nuclear Energy in China.

There is a short note on the 22nd CNS Simulation Symposium held in Ottawa at the beginning of November.   Other than an excerpt from Ralph Green's reminiscences of The beginnings of the Simulation Symposia, there are no reprints of technical papers from that very specialized Symposium on the basis that if the editor could not understand them many readers would have the same difficulty !

The paper Steam Generator Life Cycle Management, from the CNS International Steam Generator Conference in May had been intended for the last issue but withdrawn because of space limitations.   As a change of pace there is a paper on Isotope Production at McMaster Nuclear Reactor first presented at the CNS Annual Conference. Another paper from the Annual Conference, from the special "historical" session, is Procurement and Supply of CANDU Fuels.

The final technical paper, Advanced Construction Methods for ACR, provides some details of the innovative approaches used in the building of Qinshan and further ones proposed for the Advanced CANDU Reactor.

Most of the items in the General News section, this issue, are Canadian, but some may not have crossed your path.

There is, of course, news of some of the activities of your Society in the CNS News section. That is followed by notes on a few recent publications of possible interest and the updated calendar.

Finally, but definitely not least, is Jeremy Whitlock's special view of events in Endpoint.

As always we hope you will find something of interest and invite your feedback.